Routers are critical embedded systems.
Exploits not only target a single system but can be abused to penetrate entire networks.
Our work has helped major network vendors secure massive customerbases.
ID Product Version Vulnerability
CVE-2021-27249 D-Link DAP-2020 1.01 Command Injection RCE
CVE-2021-27250 D-Link DAP-2020 1.01 Arbitrary File Read

Malware Analysis

Attacks via Malware are omnipresent and are impacting million of lives.
We are committed to analyze and disrupt active malware campaigns.
ID Type Malware
SMAL-2021-00001 Spyware/Malvertising Telegram Malvertising Campaign (March 2021)

Electronic Voting Systems

Secure E-Voting Systems are vital for the functioning of a safe, resiliant democracy.
By discovering electronic voting system vulnerabilities we were able to save millions of humans from loss of trust in the government, riots and voting manipulation
ID Product Version Vulnerability
CVE-2019-25020 Scytl Secure Vote (sVote) 2.1 Unauthenticated REST Endpoints leading to Secure-Data-Manager admin configuration leak
CVE-2019-25021 Scytl Secure Vote (sVote) 2.1 OrientDB Password
CVE-2019-25022 Scytl Secure Vote (sVote) 2.1 SDM RCE
CVE-2019-25023 Scytl Secure Vote (sVote) 2.1 X-Forwarded-For IP-Spoofing/Faking
SUID-2019-00001 Scytl Secure Vote (sVote) 2.1 Jackson-Databind RCE
SUID-2019-00002 Scytl Secure Vote (sVote) 2.1 XSS
SUID-2019-00003 Scytl Secure Vote (sVote) 2.1 XXE
SUID-2019-00004 Scytl Secure Vote (sVote) 2.1 Hardcoded PKCS12 Passwords